The Dragonblood Legacy

The country of Kosetsu is home to many forms of life, some seen, others unseen. Some of this invisibility is by choice, but much is driven by those who hold the power. Spread throughout the country of Kosetsu and the realms beyond the physical, divine beings, the kami, watch over everything. They are the essence within all things: trees, mountains, grasslands, swamps, cities, bridges and ruins, even the wind, snow, rain, love, hope, and despair. When respected in proper ways they can bestow great power to maintain balance. When disregarded they can cause unimaginable destruction.

Keiyu Roshido has never ventured far from his mountain home, the Tora monastery where he grew up. But something has always pulled at his spirit, calling him out into the world below to fight for those in need. Now on his way to Mizumishi, Kosetsu’s capital, he hopes encountering the world – and the kami – will help him be able to make a difference.